Homebrew summary

Basic Schools

Generic schools

Generic bushi – the bulk of the Bonge
Generic shugenja – holy men of basic shape
Generic courtier – active defenders at the courts

Artisan schools

Akodo crafter – Lion crafters of fine metal wares
Kaiu crafter – Crab smiths and engineers
Kakita artist – Crane art in its purest form
Shosuro artist – Scorpion masters of theather and drama
Kitsuki performer – Dragon dance display
Shinjo performer – Unicorn horseplay at its finest


Tanuki school – Racoondog revitalised
Yoritomo Spy – Mantis’ way of getting the upper hand in trading competitions

revised, refitted and reactivated

Daidoji Harrier – Crane pragmatic wayblockers
Kaiu Engineer – Builders for the Empire
Shiba Elemental Order – Phoenix clan monk
Yogo Wardmaster – Scorpions nest security (Based on FranWax’ ‘Yogo on steroids’)


Generic paths

Constructor – Master-builder of structures
Kensei of the large blade – Master of the no-dachi
Kensei of the twofold death – Two weapons of choice
School of the eight dreaming roses – Right behaviour and other social machinations
Follower of the Way of Tea – Tea ceremony with some effects
Master of the Way of Tea – Tea ceremony with great effects
Obsidian Magistrate – Representative of Shourido in practical ways
Onyx Magistrate – Representative of Shourido in the mystic arts
Shadow yojimbo – Protection through dormant danger, not pentrating presence


Akodo Iaidoka – Honor does not allow a failure
Bayushi Subverter – Veiled ability leads to obvious victory
Shiba Apologet – Void connects everything – even enemies
Tsuchigumo Duelist – One’s life is nothing compared to the life of the enemy
Isawa Taryusei – No one may best an Isawa
Yogo Bastioneer – There is no such thing as vulnerability

revised, refitted and reactivated

Bitter Lies Swordsman – Duty is greater than mere Luck
Kitsuki Justicar – Law needs action, not only cognition
Order of Uikku – Phoenix’s treasure is wisdom


Toritaka Protector – One’s life is nothing compared to the life of the ward
Bayushi Harasser – Souls are mere tubs in a turmoiled sea of Void
Hida Foreman – Well led men are stronger
Mirumoto Quiescent – Be like Water
Matsu Striker – Slow as a stampede
Warden – Restrict the enemy and free yourself
Bayushi Guard – Never forget the second man
Hiruma Explorer – Exceptional explorer
Scorpion’s Strike – The yari is useful not only in old ways – but true to them

Advanced schools


Legate – There is no such thing as a blind magistrate
Favorite of the Winter Court – A critical mind for a critical audience
Paragon of Delicacy – Art is more than the eyes can see
Yarijutsu Master – Piercing onslaught


Head on the Wall – The mind is stronger than the enemy (comissioned for Matthias)
Isawa Invoker – Bow before the might of the Isawa duelists
Scorpion Stinger – Court duelists of little renown and ability
Apotheosis of the Court – Never alienate this Cranes
Shosuro exposer – Most captivating artists in history (commissioned for Nicole)
Nekodoka – Small cats for great impact (commissioned for Martin)

revised, refitted and reactivated

Black Cabal – Scorpions use Pincers, Sting – and Shell
Kuroiban – Scorpions will find Taint
Lion Kensai – Duel and single combat, but don’t forget the battle


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