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This is Rokugan!

But the Emerald Empire as depicted by AEG isn’t anymore…

What has changed?

Much, but here a short overview:
Timeline: The Scorpion Clan Coup didn’t occur; the Scorpion Daimyo retreated to a monastery after losing his arm on the emperor’s court. Still, the Empire is changed profoundly since that incident and the two years after (1123 – 1125).
Rules: Mostly character generation; e. g. every skill has Mastery abilities at every step and at least two emphases; some new schools and paths, especially for artisans.
Clans: There are still only seven Great Clans; Mantis is a lone, albeit big, Minor Clan, the Spider Clan is non-existant.

Here the more extensive, fine-tuned overview:



AoC – Adventures of the Lions

AoC – Adventures of the Phoenixes



Changed and completed Rules – Homebrew

House Rules

Schools and Paths

Complete overview of Schools/Paths

Altered Schools and Paths

New Basic Schools

New Advanced Schools

New Alternative Paths

Spells, kata, kiho

New kiho and kata

New spells

New and changed Clans

New Minor Clans

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