Bitter Lies Swordsman revised

The fact that the Bitter Lies technique works at all is astounding. The founder of the Bitter Lies style, Bayushi Tangen, was a man who capitalized on chance and reached success through sheer force of will. He refused to accept anything as out of his reach and would take insane risks to accomplish his tasks. He passed this style of no-holds-barred adventurous fighting to a single student, who later found several students of his own. The Bitter Lies Swordsmen carry on this legacy with their own reckless antics. The Swordsman’s natural fortune helps him survive situations where logic says he could not.

Replaces: Bayushi Bushi 3
Requirements: Kenjutsu 3

THE DARK SWORD OF BITTER LIES – The Bitter Lies Swordsman charges into battle with no regard for his own safety. You may spend a Void Point in the Initiative Phase to activate this technique: You may affect any one roll regarding yourself, deciding to unmake the result or re-roll it. This re-roll suffers no penalty to the TN. You may keep either result that you prefer. However, you may not re-roll or unmake the same roll another time through any means.

(Clarification: Yes, that includes enemy rolls…)


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