Ceremonies of Chado

Every participant must have Skill: Tea ceremony at least of a rank written in parentheses to take advantage of such a ceremony; lower ranks are to be compensated be the performer with a raise per missing point.
The performer has to reach the Difficulty times 10 to instill the ceremony’s effect.

Beginner’s ceremonies
CEREMONY OF THE CRICKET (3) – Each recipient may take one free raise on any one skill until sunfall.
CEREMONY OF AMATERASU (3) – Undertook in the morning and regularly performed as preparation to battles or sieges. It strengthens the inner self, letting the participants seem immune to Fear and Intimidation: Until sunfall the according values against the participants are halved.

Clan ceremonies
CEREMONY OF THE CRAB (4) – the recipients get the immunity to any Fear effects until next sunfall
CEREMONY OF THE CRANE (5) – sometimes used as preparation, in this ceremony are only two people involved. The recipient has his Awareness trait raised by one until the next sunfall.
CEREMONY OF THE DRAGON (5) – is undertook by exact three people for getting new insights on their way to enlightment. Every participant is blessed with an absolute number of Void Points equal to his Void Ring plus two until next sunfall.
CEREMONY OF THE LION (4) – in recitation of stratagems and experience, the ability of tactical and strategical skills is increased for all of the participants – each of them may use one reroll per skill (Games: Shogi, Battle, etc.) until sunfall.
CEREMONY OF THE PHOENIX (4) – Each participant may make use of one Lore skill represented in the round until next sunfall at the highest available rank.
CEREMONY OF THE SCORPION (5) – Every recipient is strengthened in his willingness to fulfill his duty – TN-penalties are reduced by two until sunfall
CEREMONY OF THE UNICORN (4) – through the narrations of the participants, everyone can share the “Way of the lands”-advantage to the others until the second sunfall

Life ceremonies
CEREMONY OF THE WAVE (4) – The mastery of the performer grants every recipient free raises in a number of the rank in his own Tea ceremony
CEREMONY OF THE MONASTERY (4) – After this ceremony, each participant is more tuned in to world and the mind. His Meditation rolls gain to free raises and he regains a Void Point three hours after the last use of one up to the next sunfall.

Social ceremonies
CEREMONY OF ONNOTANGU (4) – regularly performed in the evening as get-together. For the time of the communion, all Intelligence and Awareness Traits are increased by two as is the rank of the skill Meditation
CEREMONY OF EMMA-O (4) – everyone has to part from this world. This is not a time to lose many words, but give in to remembrance. The target gets a boost on Glory equal to the sum of his TeaCeremony- and Void-ranks, posthumously. Every other participant gains one point of glory.

There are rumors of other ceremonies in the knowledge of this Masters. To know about a ceremony requires a successful TeaCeremony/Intelligence 40 roll. To learn it, one needs to study with a Master who is willing to teach it; after each attendance, the pupil may roll TeaCeremony/Void 50 to incorporate the mindset and actions to help others


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