Head on the Wall

This is the operational overmind. Where others lead small groups in skirmishes or deduct the overall employment, logistics and long-term goals, the Head takes the mid – be it committing a battle, planning sentries on a larger section on the wall or composing and eventually leading raiding parties to the shadowlands, he excels in fulfilling his duties greater than a lone bushi could accomplish and smaller than an army general has time for.

Requirements: Water 5, Intelligence 5, Battle (Mass Combat, Skirmish) 5, Engineering (Construction, Siege) 5

BOOKS BENEFIT BUSHI – using his knowledge to discern weaknesses in the enemies’ tactic or ability, he opts for the most effective way. In Defense Stance, the Head may add the Rank of a fitting Lore Skill (Great Clans, Shadowlands, non-humans, peasants, etc.) he possesses to his roll on the Battle table or the Initiative of his men and himself. If the enemy is covered by the commander’s knowledge, he knows any special vulnerabilities. Additionally, his subjects gain + 2k0 on their rolls fulfilling their actual ordered main duty, be it Investigation for a sentry or Athletics for a march; this bonus is not eligible for attack and damage rolls
HOOOOLD! – one has to survive to command. Defending by standing in the right way to the incoming attack, the operational replaces in regard to the Defensive Stances Air with Water and Reflexes with Perception, respectively. He may use his Rank One Technique in both Defensive Stances.
MORE MARU! – per leading in a kind to support the survival rate of his men, boosting their morale against the enemy onslaught and relieve the pressure, he may spend Command Points on his subjects, which have the same effect as enhancements through Void Points, but are exclusive to the actual expenditure of Void Points. He may spend one point per person per Skirmish/Battle with a maximum number of subjects equaling his Battle Skill Rank. Additionally, men under his command get + 2k0 against any influencing, be it Fear, Intimidation or Temptation attempts.


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