Lion Kensai revised

While the Crane dominate Iaijutsu and the Dragon the way of single combat, the Lion stand out in the field. The kensai, “sword saint”, is a master in maneuvering the skirmish and battleground alike and more than a match to some upstarting duelist.

Requirements: Void 4, Kenjutsu 5, Battle 5, Iaijutsu 4, Defense 4, Lore (Bushido) 4, the Prodigy-advantage

HEART OF THE SWORD – The kensai navigates the battlefield with his katana in his hands. He remains untouched by the enemies around him, for he can direct the flow of combat with his own attacks. While using a sword and in the Attack Stance, he may increase his Armor TN by his Honor Rank against the first melee attack each Combat Round. Additionally, once per skirmish he may activate a kata as a Free Action.
GRACE OF THE LION – Seemingly straightforward in his manner, he’s not easier to hit. For every declared raise against the kensai, the attacker has to make another raise without benefit. So, for a knockdown the attacker would need four raises. In Mass Battle, every time the sword saint rolls a result which not includes a Duel or Heroic Opportunity, he may opt to roll again.
POWER OF DISCIPLINE – The kensai has mastered the kata available to him, and their movement and actions come to him as naturally as his breath. For the entire day, one kata is kept active. A number of times per day equal to his Void Ring, he may spend a Void Point as a Free Action to activate a second kata. Both kata remain active for a number of rounds equal to the Insight Rank; in the Reaction Stage of the last round, one of them ends. The bonus to Armor TN from the Rank 1 technique is valid for the whole time when wielding a sword in Attack Stance.


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