This is not a drill

As the rulebooks are in english, I’ll use the language on this site; please allow me some leeway in its usage.

Here you find fan work based on the 4th edition of “Legend of the Five Rings” from AEG as well as some data about campaigns I conducted or played which took part since 2011 and are going on. As I’ll start a new campaign in 2018 (probably only one party, this time), this is some preparation, too.

I’m still not finished uploading all information as Schools or Clans, so come by and look for new content after a while. At least the House Rules and Mons are mostly included so far.

We play L5R because of the background culture, some facts you won’t experience in other games, so as:
- sacrificing oneself for the sake of all others
- not able to reach out to the villains because of their higher status
- experiencing a law system which bases on credit, not facts
- having absolute power over approximately 95% of the remaining population

So, the main theme is RESPONSIBILITY.

The background picture is from the artist Chris Ostrowski.

No copyright infringement is intended. The main content is created by me or other fans, official content is presented for context, but not in detail.

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